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Distortion or Overdrive?




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Thank you for choosing G.I. Engineering as your choice for electric guitar and bass FX!


We hope you enjoy the distinct vintage-meets-modern tone produced by all guitar pedals in the G.I. product line.


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G.I. METEOR� overdrive distortion pedal


The METEOR’s distinctive distortion is created by a process called “soft-clipping”. This emulates the popular sound produced by vintage tube amplifiers heard on many classic rock records. Solid state electronics design in the G.I. METEOR� allows for the modern electronics inside this pedal to produce impressive distortion with a contemporary feel.



What makes G.I. effect pedals stand out in the market?


- Designed with the user in mind: simple controls �customize� the
  sound of each pedal

- Excellent foot-switching for live performance

- Low noise, solid state electronic design


Why shop online with G.I. Engineering?

- We ship worldwide and ensure the lowest shipping rates

- Online payment is secure with Google Checkout

- Get 10% back from each order to go towards future purchases

- Seasonal specials and promotions

- Strong customer service


We ship worldwide from Vancouver, BC, Canada.


All orders are processed using a secure online checkout, so your credit/debit card information is always safe and secure.


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Overdrive Distortion pedal

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